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Using Tree

Info Angel presents the entire information in the form of a tree consisting of folders and documents, similar to Windows Explorer. To access a certain item, select it with the mouse pointer or with arrow keys on the keyboard.



After switching to a certain item in the tree, the right panel will change its appearance according to the type of the selected document and show its contents.

The toolbar above the tree allows you to create and delete folders and documents, move them and view their properties.

The context menu available after you right-click any item in the tree allows you to access other operations, such as renaming, setting a password or changing the sorting order of the tree.

Folders and documents can be displayed in two modes: either in the user-defined order or automatically sorted by their names. You can use either the main menu of the program (Tree => Autosort) or the context menu to switch between the modes.

To add a new folder or document to the tree, select some folder and click the Add button on the toolbar. After that the selected folder will have a child folder or document depending on the selected item.

To delete a folder or document, select it and click the Delete button on the toolbar. Multiple selection is possible if you hold down the Ctrl or Shift key, similar to Windows Explorer.

When you delete any item in the tree, it is not deleted at once, but moved to the Recycle Bin, which makes it possible to avoid accidental deletion of important information. In this case the deleted item can be moved back to its location with the mouse. To permanently delete unnecessary information, open the context menu of the Recycle Bin and select the Empty Recycle Bin item or manually delete unnecessary items from the Recycle Bin.

You can use the mouse to move items in the tree. Select the necessary folder or document using the mouse pointer, press the left mouse button and holding it down move the mouse pointer to the tree item where you want to move the selected folder or document, the same as in Windows Explorer.

Similarly, you can move several items selected with the help of the Ctrl or Shift key.

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